proactiv2.jpgProactiv Solution

Proactiv (Proactive Solution) is one of the most well known and popular acne treatments available. With celebrity endorsements like P.Diddy, Alyssa Milano and Jessica Simpson, Proactiv has become the acne treatment of choice for many youth.

Proactiv is a 3-step system, similar to Acjuva reviewed here. Proactive’s 3 steps are:

Step 1: Renewing Cleanser

  •  A unique, oil-free formula
  • Smooth tiny beads exfoliate dead skin cells and other impurities
  • Prescription grade benzoyl peroxide.

Step 2: Revitalizing Toner

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Removes excess oil
  • Soothes the skin

Step 3: Repairing Lotion

  • Heals blemishes and prevents new ones

Eventhough there is no real cure for acne, there are ways to treat acne safely and effectively. To prevent acne you must have an acne treatment that attacks acne at its source – your pores.

Proactiv was developed by the Stanford trained doctors Dr. Rodan M.D. and Dr.Fields M.D., whose personal struggles with acne led to the design and development of this product.

Proactiv is an affordable acne treatment that may work for you as it has worked for many other people.

What is Proactiv’s Success Rate?

Proactiv is one of the more popular acne treatments on the market and with a 76% success rate, it is hard not to see why. Is 76% good? Sure. What about the other 24%? Those 24% usually have some sort of reaction, be it allergic or skin irritation. Out of the 76% of acne sufferers who have success with Proactiv’s Solution, only about 50% of them reorder due to its cost.

Proactiv Conclusion

ResearchAcneTreatments rates Proactiv 6th out of 295 Acne Products.  Compared to Proactiv Solution, Acjuva is ranked higher because it is a better value. Acjuva and Proactiv® are both $39.95. The price is the same, but Acjuva is DOUBLE the size of Proactiv®. That means you’re getting 4 months of acne treatments rather than 2. That’s only $10 a month.  Acjuva is also guaranteed to work in 14 days or its free.

Our top-rated acne treatment, Acnetix is 100% benzoyl peroxide free and has a 97% success rate.

Proactiv doesn’t entirely fail to deliver, and proves to work well for those with VERY oily skin. If you are interested in learning more about Proactive, be sure to visit their official site here.

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